Taxi-Taxi is a member of the largest fleet in the state of Maryland. We have the most sophisticated transportation and dispatch system in the Metropolitan area.

All of our Taxies are equipped with computer terminals and an advanced dispatching system. The Global Positioning Services (GPS) allow reservation agents to instantly transmit information directly to the drivers.

A tracking system allows managers to track efficiency by constantly monitoring response time.

At Taxi Taxi , your safety is a paramount concern. We ensure that our fleet of comfortable, full sized taxicabs are always in top working order.

Your safety is protected not only by our constant upkeep and safety checks on our cabs. But, also our insistence that all of our taxi drivers demonstrate excellent driving abilities and safe driving practices. You won't find a safer, more reliable company than Taxi Taxi.
When you need a taxi, day or night, call Taxi Taxi, we'll be there when you need us as your designated driver.